The Flu

You can guess twice who has been ill for several weeks and then doing a lot of recovering. If you guessed me, and I mean me me not you me, then you are completely correct. Thus you might think that the project is delayed. But no!  The project is still on track despite the nasty little flu weevils or whatnot. I’m guessing that it may be the time to disclose a few details about this project I’ve been talking about for some time by now. Well, firstly, apparently people don’t like to read about abstract things like this abstract project that doesn’t have any connection to the reality other than actually existing. This project is a program. I will not say what it’s name is, and will not give even it’s codename as it is a secret. There you have it. It’s a program

About the actual progress: There is something on the screen, such as text and some images and the lower level network code is running and there are a whole lot of unit-tests written that all succeed. The approximate number of lines of code is 9000 and the total number of lines with comments and empty lines is 15000.

In next post I might actually say a bit more about this program, but I will continue to talk only about features that are already implemented and tested. No hype! That’s one of the reasons for having such undercover blog. Don’t you just hate all these over-hyped things out there? Well, this is not one of them. Stay tuned and thanks for listening.


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